International Symposium of Ceramic Art

In all the existence of the mankind we try to understand the laws of nature and all the time we draw strength from nature, which we need for every day obligations. The clay, being a natural material, gives us the possibility to remain in symbiosis with nature and to express our thoughts and intentions, to show in a unique way the real world and the fantasy world with different approaches of art.

Some years ago I read a thought of the unknown author that the ceramics is not a special branch, but an incurable disease. Perhaps this is the reason, why Niko and I enjoy endlessly working with clay and spending time with our colleagues, the ceramists. Also on this year’s 17th International symposium of the art ceramics we have created many new works, we have learnt a lot and have spent some pleasant time together. As Edita Rithag said, nice, pleasant memories of socialising leave long shadows. All the participants believe her, as we have left satisfied and full of impressions.